Version 1.51
18 March 2017

David R. Maddison and Wayne P. Maddison
Export to Google Earth


The Export menu item allows you to export a matrix of geographic coordinates to a Google Earth KML file, which you can then open in Google Earth. You can either choose to display only the individual latitude-longitude points:

or, if a tree is displayed in a Mesquite window, you can include it:

This tree diagram is modeled after the work of Bill Piel (see the Experimental Google Earth Phylogenetic Tree Server), with some of the modifications suggested by Rod Page on his iPhylo blog.

The geographic location of ancestral nodes is reconstructed as the midpoint of the Great Circle line that joins two immediate descendents of that node (if there are two descendents) or the centroid of the descendents if there are more than two descendents. The ancestral locations should thus not necessarily be considered biogeographically meaningful - they are drawn where they are primarily for aesthetic reasons.

For points far-separated on the Earth, Cartographer draws lines on the Great Circle that joins those points, as shown in the following image:

To create such a Google Earth file, choose File>Export, and in the list that is presented, choose Export To Google Earth. You will have the options to do the following:


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